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The main failure of freezers

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If you have a broken deep freezer or refrigerator, it sometimes happens that they can fix it personally without outside help, the truth is that you need to contact the experts. For example, in Kiev and refrigerators will help you implement the specialists of the company «Cold»:

If you are lucky and you have the 1st case, then initially you need to check is when the door is opened the lamp inside the freezer (cooler), and it is necessary to check the correct position and is the thermostat. If this is all OK, then there is another fault.


Self-repair of freezer

If you have decided to repair the freezer yourself, then you need to remember about safety rules, as well as what is directly in front of the repair must vinati from the socket the power cord.

the 1st reason for the failure of the freezer is a motor failure (repair - must be replaced) or a clogged fan freezer (fix - have to remove back wall of freezer kacheri and clean all the coils on the dirt).

in General, the causes of breakdown of freezers, there are a lot more, then we will look at examples of self-diagnosis and repair of the freezer.


the Basic malfunctions of freezers and Troubleshooting:

  • Worn rubber seals. Need to remove mounting bolts, install new gasket and then install the screws into place;
  • Stop the fan. You should remove the back panel of the freezer, remove the housing of the cooling system and then remove the wires (if the wires are OK, then you need to change the fan);
  • Lock condenser fan. Need with the back of the machine remove the panel and clean the cooling system from dust and debris;
  • Malfunction door switch. Using a flat screwdriver, you will need to retrieve it, then pull the wires and see if a workable PTO (if it is faulty, you will need to replace it);
  • the Door is not securely closed or locked when closed. We need to see that freezer stood definitely at the correct angle. Also mandatory in order to inspect door hinges – they should not be very tight to close;
  • deep Freezer running but not getting cold. You need to look for a restricted condenser. If it is clogged, then you need to propylesosit its coils if I didn't help – it is necessary to call the master;
  • Need replacement of hudgena. In this case, you must contact the service center to change hudgen independently is quite difficult.

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