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The psychiatrist said that it is best to give children

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Going in search of gifts, we choose what we think will be useful for our friends and relatives. Going to shop for a gift for a child, don't forget about his preferences. It is worth noting that the modern child Spiderman or Harry Potter has become as native and desired, as once for the current adult Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, or Winnie the Pooh.

the psychiatrist believes that the child is possible to buy any toys which the parents consider necessary. But as every parent who wants his son were like his good qualities and Hobbies would of course be the son to give toys that you think is useful. Those that fit their culture, language, passion. For example, if dad loves to ski, I can't give him a set of dishes or something like that. By the way, if you are interested , the more information you will find on the website: http://-..

with regard to not really realistic toys, green hares, or any toy, which is supposedly the animal, however, some unknown to science, and their children to give is not desirable. Pink elephants this is a failure of those visionaries who come up with these toys. I believe that the younger the child, the less she needs to put an ambiguous definition. That is, the question: “What is good and what is bad?&"we can discuss when the person is Mature enough to understand what is good and bad. But while children think in categorical terms (specific thinking), but it's somewhere to 11-12 years old - they need to give an unambiguous statement of morality, culture and art. This is to ensure that the child had an idea about the stability of the world.

a healthy child limits the number of toys that can't be. If the child says, “Dad, I have a lot of toys. No need to buy them ”, then such a child should lead to the psychiatrist. Because when the child starts to limit myself, she begins to think that someone ate or robbed. And this is the inferiority complex. Normally, when a child tends to infinity, and we give what he needs.

of Course toys should be non-toxic. However, when it comes to choosing toys for a small child, you should pay attention to other qualities. The toy should be soft to the touch. The smaller the child, the toy should be more rounded, soft, gentle. And already the older children choose what they like.

Many parents buy their kids war toys: pistols, machine guns. Given the vulnerability of the child's mind, the question arises: these games will be good for her?
While there are troops, the army, these toys will have value. Of course, we want everyone to be pacifists, but it is only a dream. But in reality there are weapons. So, perhaps, to learn what is not good is also required.

Normally, when children have different toys. If the family violence is not practiced and is not cultivated, then a healthy child will find the correct form for the manifestation of his power and courage. He can see himself in the role of rock climber or astronaut. And this to show their courage and bravery. Not shoot from the harpoon, and with Podoroga, like a cartoon about Prostokvashino.

But in order for the child to make the right choices and develop normally, parents should give him enough time. The mountain of toys will never replace the baby attention, warmth and love of mom and dad.

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