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The funeral in Ukraine: what you need to know?

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according to statistics, 2/3 of the dead passes through the police and the ambulance. That is why, for business data 2-VA source of information are the most common.

“In this business, they also, as in the saying: who 1st got up, and sneakers, " says the funeral Director "Peace", which provides . - People agree to the 1st offer. To compare prices is to ring up 10 five companies, no one will. That is why it is very important to be the 1st".

But, from time to time mishaps: the ambulance and the police to report the same information in a different funeral home. And, as a result, sometimes at the door of the apartment of a deceased person, business owners had to figure out who will take over the work. And it happens that no one died, and pohoronit expresses condolences with a sad face. This happens when, for example, mistook the apartment.

Also there are cases, when the relatives of the deceased start to go threats. Type: without us, you even can not bury, and a death certificate will not give. It's not really such a psychological impact is a favorite trick of dishonest businessmen.


Funeral low

min list of funeral services:

  • the order (contract) on carrying out and organization of a burial;  
  • the Registration of a certificate of burial;
  • Digging the grave (including digging in the grave immediately after the burial, the formation of the hill and cleaning);
  • the removal or installation of gravestones facilities (in the case of conduct podsaharennoj in an existing grave);
  • the cremation of the deceased person;
  • Podsaharennoj, burial urns with ashes of deceased person into the ground, an existing grave niche columbaro;
  • Storing urns containing the ashes of a deceased person in a crematorium;
  • Organization of shipment of the urn or coffin with the body of the deceased outside the country;
  • galvanized Sealing of the coffin;
  • Installation columbary niche the urn with the ashes of a deceased person.

Local authorities on all these services create special. prices.

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