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How to properly care for hair?

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Hair is one of the attributes of male and female beauty. However, it can split, fall out, fade, lose luster and beauty. If your comb remain more hair, you should find out why. Hair loss doctors often associated with constant stress and lack of certain vitamins.


How to make your hair healthier?

a Human hair is 97 percent composed of keratin - the protein substance containing sulphur. If your diet enough protein, the hair becomes dull and liquid. Moreover, the importance of play it is the quality of the protein. Lean meat and fish should be supplemented by many whole grain foods, vegetables and fruits. The brightness of color of hair provides zinc. Hair primarily depends on the amount of sulfur in the human body. To replenish the body with sulfur, you should eat in a week for about 3-4 eggs. So go on a more balanced diet. For hair growth also is useful: marine fish, veal, spinach, pomegranate, olive oil. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:


choose the Right tools to wash the hair

it is Important to use cleaners and cosmetics. Choosing a shampoo, you should read written on the label. Choose the one that is right for your hair type. Do not buy shampoo " for all hair types. After using analyze results. The opinion that from time to time, the shampoo should be changed is wrong. The wash that you are completely satisfied, to change is only in the case when the condition of the hair deteriorates.


How to strengthen hair?

If you want to strengthen the hair, using synthetic vitamins, be sure to look at the list of all components. Hair growth necessarily contribute folic acid, selenium, zinc, iron, silicon. One of the most important is vitamin a, which improves the condition of hair, prevents breakage. Vitamin a is in apricots, carrots, butter, cheese and many other products.

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