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Varicose expansion of veins: what it is

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for a long time on the street summer. To replace the heavy and parkay shoes come lighter boots, shoes, sneakers. But if the transition to easy footwear you feel fatigue in the legs, notice puffiness, and under the knees emerges “mesh” of veins, then immediately you should go to the doctor. It can appear the first symptoms of varicose veins, which creeps up unnoticed. Often the pattern of veins in the legs considered a cosmetic defect or a temporary consequence of overwork. However, don't procrastinate, because varicose veins can have serious complications - obstruction and serous inflammation even of the veins. By the way, the more information you can visit the website:

Varicose veins occur as a result of weakening of the vascular walls of veins, which often leads to a stagnation of blood in the veins is impaired outflow of blood from the organs and even tissues. The blood that accumulates can be sent in small veins, and there on the surface of human skin you can see a small vascular pattern.

the Main and the first reason of occurrence of varicose veins is, of course, heredity. Also risk factors considered inactive lifestyle, or huge and constant exercise, work standing or sitting all the time, excess weight, stress, intake of different hormonal preparations. Often varicose veins is manifested during pregnancy and even after childbirth.


How to treat varicose veins?

In the complex treatment often includes the strengthening of the venous wall and necessarily increasing its tone, prevent high blood viscosity, anti-inflammatory therapy (often carried out at the initial manifestations of varicose veins).


Medical gymnastics and massage

Do any exercise must for the feet. It can be running, Cycling, squats, “bike”, “scissors”, jumping rope and others. But they need to do from time to time, but regularly and as long as your feet don't get tired and starting to tremble. Otherwise the sense from it will not. Improves the tone of veins and massage, which is usually carried out in small courses.

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