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Yakimi buuut krowki?

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Danny article mova PDE about those, that snout ViDi sports vzuttya. All sportivne vzuttya, independent from the manufacturer and brand, umove can rosdot 3 velik a groupie,

  • vzuttya for tourism I vzuttya for active Docenko;
  • Krowki for pevnyi mind sports;
  • Sport classics (Casual), pasakaina vzuttya.

What is typical, especially padlo on coloca I gnoche sportivne vzuttya, as such, no. When vibor kupul oras it should be on rsmr, as a rule, American, VIN stat on carobs ABO arlick Seredin krowka (US). By the way, pridbati accn krowki available for cnow you can at the Internet MAGAZIN: .


vzuttya for tourism I active dochenku:

  • Mcni (!) top s diaocha natural materials. Mozhut Buti woodowl technology Waterproof or Gore-Tex. U deyakih models sustrum Thinsulate Primaloft I - protection from cold, thermocalc new pokolinnya;
  • Obov'yazkovo snootie trekov pdosu, technology Traxion z visitou track to 0.5 cm for krasovo scalene s surface. Pdsva Mauger Buti zi technology samoochishchenija special Mud release surface
  • Mozhut Buti prisutni adropogon technology, for example, adiPrene;
  • P adova bowl-stabilizator s mclogo plastic for kraso fxac n yati (although won prisutna have practical vsih Fabrichny frmula Crouch);
  • the Special loop in the region of the heel krowka: in the mountains you do not Mauger Buti pid hand specjalno zutto of the scapula.

TSE osnovni characteristics vzuttya for active Docenko, BHU for periscan msceast and tourism. If 2 more I punktv prison, especially the second, - smilevo wanasema krowki to perso a groupie.


vzuttya for specific (Jaak) sport:

  • BG. Maratonci (krowki for BHU) - TSE akrama of power description: for this reason model pokey propuskam. Have vsih NSA crook for BGU . spln RISS (visoka pdosu, masivni "heel" in any hovayutsya adiPrene - udaroopasnost and cushioning torsion system - Nada stop sticksthe, good FXU foot in the region sklena scope, climacool technology, scho dozvola controllati bologo I Teploobmen; formotion - 2 desalegn, plastine, that priberut nerves surface, Yak PDVSA have a good car), and many HIH, h number of Mauger, dogoditi 9;
  • Krowki for tens. Such crook ukrin “cottages”, that scho bagato in tens wipada I ruhv in storoni, TSE obov'yazkovo zhorstky frame krowka, duzhe sticky, potezny heel, “turning point” technology, scho dozvola sniziti Opir pdassi krowka the ground of the court when Strachowice turns.
  • Krowki for basketball. TSI krowki Pavin bootie mcnie, snooztime, obov'yazkovo wide “stocky” - slno koplove foot in rayon ankle, good Yogo fxrate;
  • Krowki for volleyball. Top krowka s diaocha materials, that do not Parati leg, s good valooable, Zahist sock vzuttya from snow, technology adiTUFF, pdsva such crook often wykonana s polyurethane scho dozvola krowka not causati on the parquet, and dwellers didst take vzuttya mozhna Bulo Dovgy hour . BCN side voleybolda (I for Salina vidv Igor) crook so needless Yak I tense, Patna ukrpek, pasilan for dodanna stop stycast;
  • vzuttya for football. TSI krowki delatsya in turn on bootsie (s thorns; yea vzuttya Snimi zi, that is z nezname), technology TRAXION® FG, “shinogi” for stochnyh gazov I gravel, I Futsal for Gris in Sal. Have futbolny crook typical prosite, stitched toe, mcny the top, the stench legs escrow. H smut priznachennya, Yak I vs sports vzuttya in General - protection of athlete's foot. Football vzuttya I feature it turns on purshia plan. I scalena s surface;
  • Krowki for FTEs. Take vzuttya first of all I easier duzhe duzhe the z gneckow pdorow. The stench povtoryat skin movement waso scope, patriat SVD, doomgate vdcti beauty skin movement.

Yak VI vzhe dogadalsya, SPACELINE vzuttya policana bootie, primarily, funkcjonalnym. Although, Yogo mozhna smokinga has a Yak pasakaina, except, surely, of boots.


Casual. Vzuttya for povsyakdennogo none.

Take vzuttya least wartna of technology, Niska (!) pdosu, has one name vzuttya Casual - “nizkoprofilnom" of the classics, I Sonny estimation, maximum nabijeni to klasycznego vzuttya. Seme have tions group ye be called a few more pggroup, widw I pdweb. Makasini, topsider, kedI, “skatery” and so further.

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