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Wedding flowers: how to do?

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since ancient times it was believed that each man must find his mate and create with her a strong family to continue the human race. To celebrate the wedding ceremony began in Ancient Rome. Then the wedding was attended by ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen.

they were All dressed exactly like the bride and groom, and their task was to scare away evil spirits that could destroy the family. It was believed that an evil spirit of jealousy will not be able to allocate this to the bride and groom and not be able their machinations to destroy the family. As the years passed, but the ceremony remained.

In different countries it is celebrated in different ways, with their customs and rituals. For example, in ancient Greece was the beginning of wearing white clothes as a holiday, there is not only dressed in a white outfit, but the whole body was painted white. The word wedding come from the old English word for a vow, oath, pledge, surety.

So the couple vow to strictly comply with all rules that are able to ensure mutual happiness. The tradition of having fun, and to celebrate the marriage remained in our days. The whole wedding process, each couple tries to make the most colorful, vivid and memorable, more original, not like the others.

so the wedding was more original and memorable you should comply with simple rules. First, making-room, follow the fashion trends of color, considering time of the year when there is a marriage. Placing flowers, discard all the boring vases, and replace them with something original, for example, cups or clay pots.

Decorating the hall, combine flowers with candles, buttons, twigs, etc. pay Special attention to color selection, try to choose them according to their memories. For example, the groom gave the daisies on our first date, so use daisies in your decor. So your wedding will have a special meaning known only to you. And remember, you can always make the wedding not too expensive, if you take the advice of professionals.

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