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Contextual advertising - the engine of your Internet business

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What is advertising? The answer to this question, perhaps, everyone knows, including small children. Very often the advertising annoys us, especially when watching an interesting movie. From advertising cannot hide even on the Internet. And the developers come up with different software to prevent the appearance of unwanted ads. Advertising is everywhere, in social networks, academic and educational sites, etc. 

Honestly, more often simply annoying. Context advertising appears only when the person or user is looking for something specific. For example, looking for furniture for the kitchen and then there is is where to buy this furniture, and depending on your location. That is, such advertising is directed only to the target audience. And advertising sales of furniture you can never find on the website about buying sanitary ware.

Contextual advertising is of two types: search and display network. Advertising on the search network that display ads using search engine Google or Yandex.

Ads on partner websites refer to advertising on the Google display network. Google AdSense broadcasts on these sites advertising depending on the search query, the scope and content of the site. To combine these two types of contextual ads is not desirable, as it causes some inconveniences (impossible to analyze the effectiveness of advertising, it is difficult to manage the budget, etc.). By the way, you can look at the website:

Contextual advertising has its positive and negative sides.  

the benefits we can include:

  • the speed of display advertising, which affects very rapid coverage of the target audience;
  • there are different variations of advertising;
  • flexible settings, easy management of costs.

the disadvantages we include:

  • to study the effectiveness of advertising is costly;
  • the
  • competitors can zero out your balance, constantly prokliima advertising and so on.

to Order contextual advertising is possible in the companies engaged in this service, for example, SeoGroup. This company began its start in 2015 and covers different areas, one of these is the creation of contextual advertising. During the work has established itself as a stable company operating without sanctions, at a reasonable price and in due row.

To ensure client sign the contract, which stipulated weight possible nuances that may arise in the process. Many customers who have used the services of SeoGroup, has achieved great success in development of own business or business.


the Cost of advertising depends on the following factors:

  1. number of clicks of users, but only those who then moved on to your website;
  2. the price of clicks is determined by the competition;
  3. from the region of display of contextual advertising;
  4. the quality of the advertising company.

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