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How to properly clean the bottom of the aquarium?

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Start a home pet phenomenon occurring very often. The reasons for such actions are different, some want to have a house dog for home protection, other cat to relax, for many families, the appearance of a pet is important for raising children, as it fosters a sense of responsibility, kindness, compassion. And very often Pets become family members, they love all household members, regardless of what mischief they can do (tear the Wallpaper or shit in the master's sneakers).

But there are cases, for example, allergic to wool, when to get a dog or cat is not possible, then comes the installation of the aquarium. Beautiful aquarium mainly serves an aesthetic function, because going to visit the owner of a beautiful aquarium does not notice a certain untidiness to clean the apartment. All attention immediately focused on the mesmerizing movement of fish. It's no wonder large aquariums were installed in shopping malls, restaurants and bars to relieve the stress of visitors and to reduce the waiting time of the order.

Aquariums come in different shapes and sizes. And depending on the size of the aquarium it swim different fish: from small guppy to sharks. To watch floating goldfish in many countries of the East was the age-old tradition. For this special bred goldfish. In many noble houses were magnificent vessels with floating goldfish, and visitors could stand for hours and look at them.

it is believed that if there is a tank, it contributes to the development of creative abilities in children and adults relieves nervous tension after a hard day. In addition, a container of water improves the indoor climate, which is not unimportant for the upper respiratory tract. But the main condition is cleanliness of the aquarium.

Fish have to swim in the clear water, and algae have a healthy and well-groomed appearance. In addition, great importance has the soil to recreate the beautiful look and healthy microclimate for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Indeed, in natural water bodies (lakes, rivers, seas and oceans) the bottom is not glass.

the Soil in an aquarium plays an important role, many fish have color of the soil allows them to camouflage from predators. In addition, the soil is necessary for plants. In aquariums use mostly sand and gravel. But depending on the inhabitants can add oil shale and peat. You cannot apply as a soil normal soil as this will lead to zakalivanie and further loss of living organisms.

should be done regularly and if the owner of the aquarium, still do not quite understand this, it is better to resort to professional help. As the soil in the aquarium plays the role of decoration, then every element should be carefully washed and uclust again. But if under the influence of the feed soil has changed its original color, it must be replaced. To select the composition of the soil and vegetation and here it is important to consult a professional. Contact AQUA CLEAN and your aquarium will delight any one year.

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