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Yak vibrate PC for lasn?

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Dwellers vibrate PC for lasn need razumeti yakimi criteria ugboro kirovtsa when vibor. So, draw an pic better pdfdate for syrianna "rosiysky Latn" and electric Pets usually vykorystovuyutsia only in a peaceful vipadkah, if the installation drow eno PECI niemozliwe (eg in quarter bagatoprofil box). P

otbro razumeti scho elektricna Cam Janka Nikoli will not give t quality "legco a couple of" Yak draw Jan PC. Dwellers ablitites to "easy pair" when vicorian electrocam Yankees - you can use Elektroprofsoyuz, ale about TSE later. By the way, pridbati accn draw an cavon pic for lazn you can .


Axis criter on that it should be to do first when vibor:

  • Quality couple;
  • NavNet convicts;
  • Datst / NavNet tokovogo the tunnel;
  • Rozrahunkovo the volume of the steam room.

Quality couple

It dobitsya "legco Paris, the dwellers in the air parni not peregrinate (temperature stavan widow 85 0 C).

the Challenge TSE is not nestlike proste, Yakima it seems. RC at Tim scho so the title "light", and techne superpenalty trebisovsky pairs it turns then, if the surface (eg kameny)  potable water, roscrea to 500 0 C. Ale if mi Negro Kamen to Blizko temperature in Pailin surely bude degrees 100 - 120, and that I more. And when taqiy temperatur pdivate on Kamen water and potim Makati vycom bude sprains samoubistvom - opiki us zabezpieczen.

What are we dopomozhe?

Z CIM zavdannyam easy spravlyayutsya draw an pic s protoribates (metalevel camera, Yak vstanovleno ​​sboku furnace). Protorova nagraadse nabagato likely kamenu (Kamen not prilagayut itital to the furnace I povline digit heat conductive metal).  


NavNet convects

It is important with warehouses lasn , NavNet convicts, a Yak is useful for steam Tim scho:
Params Shari warm I cold air Seredin the steam room, Tim himself virnu temperature in vertical (not dayuchi feet freeze);
Peremskoye air, convection flows likely (efektivna) nagrat air. Respectively Lazne nagraadse likely, I pasinati paridise as possible - vzhe 30-40 min (and if PC s protoribates, as shte). The fact Pech s convects better.


Datst / NavNet tokovogo the tunnel

Topkapi tunnel to pass through, bezposrednio STO dwellers iz Susano cmnty mozhna Bulo pgcedit wood.

Navso TSE it:

  • firstly the fact scho for Gorna wood need air bagato, Yak z primmest porno witricity't possible, Bo vono will need for dihanna;
  • In another NavNet wood peredacha NavNet saw (Brodo), and in ban all guilty Buti pure;
  • Tret if the furnace vidicima in erigavo, to cause a crash of the ventilation system;
  • In the fourth u deyakih models of furnaces Topkapi tunnel equipment kamnem vcem. TSE prekrasne rsena for cmnty Docenko, Yak three target povtorno atmosphere I codovi nastri. Givet polum I ncim not samnich.

Rozrahunkovo Ob m steam

Well I of course need Pdet PC for paternost. Abscissum the volume of steam (dovina x width x Vista) and dodma on skin m 2 sklena doors ABO Vikna - 1 m 3 rozrahunkovogo Ob mu PEC. Duzhe not Raju kupovati PC blso paternost, than TSE need. So PC bude peregrini bath, and that bude voice, stvoriti potrebni mcrocklin.


Electric PEC

Staviti elektricnu PC state tilki in addition vipadku, yakscho draw Jan of ustanoviti no features, so Yak best par - od draw any furnaces. When vibor elektricno Kam Yankees can kirovtsa W Timi criteria scho I for draw any furnaces (except the point about Topkapi tunnel).

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