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Yak vgcreate second-hand: de ​​to a b_znes z zero?

July 28 2016

stores second-hand goods sold velicity resonantly - dityachogo from clothing to kitchen electroinstruments I nachina. I if sche be called a few more years on second-hand for new clothes went nezabudice pensonal, sogodni all castle can soustrot kreativno young, Yak to come exkluzivnymi th origenalnye speeches.

For neoflo statistics, mayzhe 25 % ukra?ntsiv Hoch times kupuvali the way in second-hand and skin 20 , Postini clom such magazinw. Traditio pokupali second-hand je Molod people VCOM from 20 to 30 years I start from 40 to 50 years.

Vgcreate store cheap clothing straight ahead, Ben vitrata right, Parveen s blisty NSA vidv rosary magazinw, ale dwellers Domotica ospho, all one need doclast max susil.


Business s zero

S rahwana specifci roster to a b_znes VI, Yak poczatkowej pgprint can vibrate one s naybilsh Chodesh three models for the store s sales vivalogo clothing. Perche I samiy captionside option - vgcreate oflaynovoy store. TSE Mauger Buti pavaline primmest residential raw ABO torhiv the meeting place rink at second-hand. The second option has got for Uvas sales speeches on barkholz, for example, on msciwoja flea rinku, often taqiy blasini Rinok "wheel" on bogatom villages I mestecka. The third option polaha in rosrob Internetu store on the butt: . Of course, all three Waranty mozhut Buti Ob DNA in one format, that naslon digit zbilshiti your dohd.



Pribytkovski store second-hand Golovnin rank zaleite from one point - msca. Techne from good msza. When vibor msca VI povinn vtstuxvs, Perche for everything from Pskov flow POWs apartment is in good condition, the store I transportno rosv yazki. Yak as practice shows, the centre Mista - not navigante the meeting place for second-hand. Store s more cheap renting in a residential rayon, zhiteli yakogo toil seredniy-ABO Nishiki wealth, daЇ nabagato BlsI turnover.


Business plan

Dwellers vgcreate shop second-hand need to retrobyte business plan. NavNet correctly skladenko business plan zbilshiti vashi chancy on USPH. Business plan is not obov'yazkovo guilty Buti similar to beautiful oformleno thesis. Smut, dwellers of your head finansovi document MAV and answers on onown power:

  • Yak sama products VI will prodavati?
  • yaky Cup of COF on the goods?
  • yaki bitrate on realsize product?
  • Yak vartist product?
  • in yakih wee postachalnik kupua product?
  • yaki perelachaise income, the Yak h it should be raspodeliti?

article vitrat on stvorennya to a b_znes necessary in order obov'yazkovo taking into account vartist orendi primmest pid store, paid staff, vartist vitratni materials I. product assortment.



Although those scho Targus second-hand - CE specifci business, competition in rinku to dosit garstka, and without a good marketing plan there is not abitia. VI povinn postijno reclamati sviy shop. Licoricewhite msavi advertising in Newspapers, pastt ad Yak on the online sites, so I gromadskikh on doskah ogoloshen in your rayon. Licoricewhite sarafannoe radio. Vgcreate svy web site, blog or group in social the Meri, dwellers podolaty, pochaptsy about an assortment of Novi, ACC, graft of work.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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