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Vaccination and vaccination kittens and puppies

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If you take the responsibilityOwner « our brother smaller & raquo ;, that is to adhere to certain rules, and, if possible, try to avoid mistakes. With the most common of these, we can help to fight.
The most important thing -   vaccination of animals. Diseases of dogs and cats can be divided into two groups: zoonozody (illness are dangerous only for Ms.mal) and zooantoroponozy (diseases dangerous to animals and humans). It is necessary to vaccinate as cats and dogs, regardless of age and breed. By the way, the view that the « dvorterer » do not get sick, is incorrect.
vaccinate puppies can be at two months of age. (In areas where an existing memberis a risk parvovivozu and coronavirus vaccinated puppies two weeks. Vaccine « Puppy »). Your pet, before vaccination should be healthy without fleas and worms, have a good appetite for a cheerful disposition. Immediately prior to vaccination veterinarian should definitely check out the state of health of the animal.

How to vaccinate?

It is best if the vaccine will be domestic products produced against viruses prevalent in the area. But there is a certain European standard vaccinations, without which, if necessary, your pet can not be taken abroad. (These vaccinations consult your doctor)
In the first yearlife puppies are vaccinated three times (from 2 to 4 months), and after the change of teeth (6-8 months). The first vaccine is administered in two injections at an interval of 7-14 days. After a year need to be vaccinated every year for life.
Any dog ??has to have vetpasport with vaccinations. It gives the doctor.


to make a two-month inozrasta twice with an interval of 3-4 weeks, and then reaches the year, it is of viral infections. The plague it is necessary to be vaccinated once a year.
It is also possible to insure against zoster (two doses with an interval of 10-14 days)
If the animal is already 8-10 years old, the vaccination (if the first one) is better not to do.
Luchshethem, i.e. tested, according to experienced owners is "Frontline", "Kiltix" and "Bolfo".
"Frontline" - spray. Fairly effective, but quite expensive. Grabs his action for 1-2 months, does not cause allergies.
"Kiltix" - the best among the possible collars.
"Bolfo" - pretty good, and the relativeno inexpensive means.
But do not forget that in order to protect against fleas it will help, but the best from ticks zaschita- complex (consult your vet!), Especially in the spring when there is peak bites.
About the worms, the animal owners need to know that even a cat, which never left the house can have them.Because we are on their feet skidding off the street pathogens helminths. Therefore, they should be, as they say doctors, « & raquo ;, drive at least 3 times a year (including at the owners themselves, so the worm is known to be a parasite and humans).
Preparations better checked with your vet, because drugs are individual, and nand packages are not always given all the side effects.
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