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Rehabilitation after knee injuries

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The rehabilitation period makes it possible to most effectively andas soon as possible to normalize the injured knee. For this purpose, the knee joint is used for a number of activities: physical therapy, massage, Tibetan treatments ( auriculotherapy, vacuum therapy, moksoterapiya, acupuncture, herbal medicine, stone therapy, girudoterapiya ) and others.

fracture of the knee, as well as other injuries in this important area, dangerous due to the potential for serious complications.They are usually accompanied by edema, hemorrhage into the joint, swelling, split patella, painful sensations, and so on. D. Treatment should start with the fact that it is necessary to suck the liquid that has accumulated in the knee joint.

After that the patient may become disabled as a result of complications after knee fracture - very importantquality and timely rehabilitation, which includes: physiotherapy, hardware and hand massage and exercise therapy. Exercises, which are attributed to the doctor often causes a very severe pain in the knee, which caused an increase in the load on the surrounding tissue. The pain is so dramatically that patientsdespite the risk to their health very often refuse to exercise.

Therefore, in order to reduce the load on the muscles, experts have developed a special method of Continuous Passive Motion, which was named CPM therapy. This technique makes it possible to recover all the functions of the knee joint through repeated liabilitymotions for a long time. This therapy is carried out using a special apparatus Mechano, but with all this leg muscles are completely relaxed.

Easy and painless process are the hallmarks of Continuous Passive Motion therapy. In this case, the patient does not feel tired and dotheir negative emotions, which in turn makes it possible to increase the duration of the session the development of the knee joint, which makes it possible to significantly reduce recovery time.

Another advantage of Continuous Passive Motion therapy is that you can begin to exercise after 24 hours after surgery, that allowsthe patient to avoid complications that are associated with long-term real estate: muscle atrophy, joint contracture, thromboembolism, thrombosis, and so on. n.

Restoration of the knee by using Continuous Passive Motion therapy can be carried out even at home, the patient accordingly feels more comfortable than in a hospitale, and it helps a person with limited mobility to get rid of tiring trips to the clinic or hospital.

The rehabilitation period can take from 2-4 weeks to 6 months of hard training (all depends on the severity of the injury). A set of exercises is chosen individually for each case, which in its ochere most effektivno will help restore the patient after the injury of the knee. The only drawback of this system is, recovery equipment, which not everyone can afford to buy.

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