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What is the transplantation of hair?

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hair Transplantation is the process of hair transplantation with lateral and occipital areas on the bald (affected) area of the scalp. In order to avoid tissue rejection for transplantation of hair using the hair from a "donor" area of the patient. The quality and quantity of your hair transplant, determine the volume and density of the donor area of the patient.

If you carefully usuite the scale of Norwood-Hamilton, you will see that for androgenetic alopecia despite the strong hair loss (even in the seventh stage of baldness), the sides and the back are not damaged hair. This was the impetus for the creation of a surgical method of treatment of baldness, which was later called transplantation (transplantation) hair.


How to do hair transplant?

hair Transplant make the following 2 ways:

  • from the side or nape cut graft (a square layer of skin along with a healthy (active) hair follicles and hair), which is then grafted (transplanted) in advance of the cutting layer of the scalp with sleeping follicles, which went bald. Wounds on the occipital region where the grafts were cut, just sewn;
  • in the zone with healthy (active) hair follicles surgeon with special. tool making thousands of incisions around each hair follicle, and then removes them and transplatinum in the bald area of the head.

Itself is built on the hypothesis that hair follicles from the lateral and occipital regions sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, this in turn means that transplantarea them on the problem area (parieto-frontal part of the head) where the hair falls out, a problem of baldness is solved.

But it is not so. In connection with the anatomical location, the hair follicles on the lateral and occipital areas of the head simply more healthy and sustainable. In this region a very good blood supply and this leads to the conclusion that the nutrients and vitamins come in full.

On top of the head in turn a fairly complex network of capillaries and blood vessels, and the blood to bring nutrients to all the follicles. Due to the fact that it fully is not always possible, hair follicles gradually fade. In addition to everything is sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. It turns out that baldness is noticeable solely on the problem area (the crown of the head).

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