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Ruin contact lenses vision?

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More than 80% of the information people receive through the perception of the world through the eyes. Our eyes are rather peculiar and complicated optical mechanism. He is very sensitive and delicate. Therefore, diseases of the eye are different in their specificity and clinical pathology. Annually the doctors ophthalmologists make more than 300 thousand. various operations associated with diseases of the eyes.

Among the most common diseases: myopia, hyperopia, conjunctivitis, amblyopia, glaucoma, and blindness, iridocyclitis, cataract, keratitis, retinal detachment, strabismus, etc.


How to keep your eyes healthy, and in the case of visual impairment that we should know?

unfortunately, in today's globalized world, many people often have problems with vision. Most of them have to wear glasses. If vision problems appeared in childhood, wearing glasses is becoming commonplace. Such people are not complex to perceive wearing glasses for granted. But if the vision has worsened in adulthood, especially women ashamed of their blindness. So instead of the traditional points they choose contact lenses. By the way, quality lenses you can also and on the website:

One of the best stores that sells contact lenses is the Internet-shop "Softoptic" . On the website large selection of contact lenses. Mostly it is the products of famous American, European and Asian manufacturers. All contact lenses certified. They passed tests on quality and have a warranty expiration date. Price contact lenses quite reasonable, the selection is huge. You can pick out not only “improved vision”, but also a new eye color with which to experiment. Vision correction with lenses is a good prevention for people who have deteriorating eyesight.


how to choose a lens?

Before you buy contact lenses many people ask: “And will not spoil the contact lenses vision?&". After visiting an ophthalmologist and choosing the correct size of the lens corresponding to the curvature radius and diopter, your vision will be nothing to threaten. After all, choosing the right lens to make the eye muscle independently adjust the vision. There are contact lenses that have been successfully treated myopia that is progressing.

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