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What are the main features of liquid perfume?

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When people talk about perfumes, it is often use such word as "spirits". In fact in our time to buy real perfume is a very difficult task, due to the fact that today they are very rare release and not all of TM. The last hundred years the industry of perfumes only simplified and become cheaper. This is due to the active development of the chemical. industry and its attendant industries. That is why today perfume has become a luxury item in normal household hygiene item for everyday use.


What are the supposed spirits which they now replaced?

Now on the market there are 2 main varieties of perfumes:

  • original;
  • license.

Each version has its customer base and dignity.


Original perfume

It is produced directly in the country of origin, often in France. The most characteristic feature of the original cosmetics have a fairly high price (both retail and wholesale), as well as high quality.


Licensed perfumes

It can produce in other countries who have a license for its production. Often doing this in the UAE, Turkey, China, etc. Then the price will certainly be lower than the original makeup. In this case, buyers and distributors huge popularity of liquid perfume, which gives the opportunity to buy perfume in the right amount. By the way, to acquire high-quality you can in the online store:

However, there is an enormous amount of controversy on account of such cosmetics. Some believe that it can cause allergies and pose a threat to human health, because no one know shit, than it can dilute. Others are very actively using liquid perfume and are completely satisfied, pleasant smell and affordable price.

it is very important to find a trusted and reliable distributor, who is responsible for the quality of their product.

Choosing liquid perfumes, you should remember a very important caveat: ask the seller where the spirits were produced (often perfumes from Turkey and China is of lower quality than the one that was made in the UAE). If the seller will tell you that the perfume is made in Holland, Croatia, Germany and other EU countries, then, know that you are deceived. The production of these products is in principle impossible in these countries. Most likely, it was made in Turkey or China.

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