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Hair coloring with henna: what is important to know about it?

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Iranian henna – this is a very natural dye that has started to use more a very long time. Many years ago it was used to create unique tattoo designs and patterns on nails. Now many women from all over the world apply henna as a hair dye. So, how to dye your hair with henna?

the process of coloring hair using henna a lot different than like using chemical paint and looks like this:

  •     First wash the head with shampoo and a little bit dried them with a towel. By the way, if you are interested in quick and quality , more information about this can be found on the website:
  •     Next, a line along the hair growth it is necessary to grease fat cream, which helps protect the skin from the many red spots.
  •     Dilute the henna with hot water. The mixture should be like thick cream.
  •     Then put the tank with the mixture in the saucepan with hot water — somewhere for 7-10 minutes.
  •     Divide hair into hair partings 1.5 cm
  •     With a comb to spread the henna on each part. Do it quickly, because otherwise the paint will cool and will not bring the expected results.
  •     Next you need to wrap head wrap or a special bag and then a towel to wrap her. In order for the henna didn't leak, put paper towels around the edges.
  •     the exposure Time of the dye such as henna usually depends on the thickness of the hue of the locks, and also the shade you want. So, the darker the hair should be about 2 hours, whereas bright enough and 10-15 minutes. So it's important to keep the whole process under control, and even better would be if you carry out a preliminary test. Only then will you be able to see the future result.
  •     Next you need to wash the henna on the hair with running water without using any shampoo. At the end opolaskivaniem all the strands of your hair acidulated lotion (water + lemon juice or vinegar).

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