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What is oral thrush?

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Candidiasis is a common disease of the mucous membranes of many internal organs or skin. The causative agent of the disease is considered yeast-like fungi that belong to genus Candida. Now allocate more than a dozen representatives of this kind of fungi which are the cause of various diseases in humans.

reflected in the fact that there is a lesion of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. It can occur in adults and in children. The latter, which have a normal immune system, this disease often occurs in a mild form, while not causing complications and can easily succumb to treatment.


causes of this illness

the main risk factors thrush is commonly include:

  • As newborns (infection often takes place directly from the mother during the forward passage through the birth canal);
  • the
  • Child age, i.e. up to one year (cause sometimes serve as constant licking different objects or toys, or not fully formed immune system of a child or an adult);
  • the
  • Artificial feeding for a long time at an early age;
  • feeding with the mixtures with high sugar content; the

  • to Make the baby in the hospital for a long time;
  • the
  • antibiotics (only those that have broad spectrum of action) (there is a mind of uncontrolled use of antibacterial drugs that disrupt the normal microflora of mucous membranes);
  • the
  • the Presence of malignancies (especially hematologic), and therapy with cytotoxic agents;
  • the
  • Treatment with glucocorticosteroids or immunosuppressive medications.

the main risk factors thrush in adults directly decided to add diabetes mellitus, AIDS, the continuous use of dentures, Smoking for a long time and a lot more.


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