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What can you eat with cholecystitis?

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Rapid development of inflammation of the gallbladder commonly associated with many food traditions, so important condition for the treatment of this disease and well being is to adhere to a rational diet. It must include all the body needs nutrients in order to promote the liquefaction of the accumulated bile in order to resolve inflammation. It is also important to choose the way of cooking, which is much less likely to have a load on all the organs of digestion. will help you to get rid of many health problems in the future.


In the list of products allowed with this disease like cholecystitis includes:


        Poultry and meat, which are low-fat varieties, fish, seafood, sausages, but only the highest grade, which do not contain a different kind of hot spices and fat. Every day you can eat no more than one of chicken protein.

        fresh and sour vegetables, fruits and different greens.

        the Diet must include cereals (oatmeal and buckwheat porridge), and allowed the pasta. From the data of the cereals you can cook different kinds of cereals, casseroles and puddings.

        non-Greasy and non-acidic dairy products. These include sour cream, low fat cottage cheese, cheeses that have low fat content. Yogurt with bifidobacteria can serve as a good prevention of intestinal dysbiosis.

        Bread is recommended to eat only dried or slightly stale, but it is necessary to give preference only to products with bran cereal and bakery products. Here are allowed to use nesdobnoe cookies.

        you Can use only natural vegetable oils, while those who were not subjected to refining. Remember that especially useful I think olive oil.

        From the sweet you can eat marshmallows, jellies and jams.

        From drinks are allowed to drink jelly, dog rose decoction, fruit compotes and juices (sweet), coffee with milk and only weak tea.

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