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Subclinical hypothyroidism: what is it?

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Sometimes hypothyroidism can be manifested in very specific ways, it is not clinically apparent and subclinical (in other words, it means that symptoms of the disease expressed slightly). In this case, the concentration of the hormone TSH, the 1st of thyroid hormones is increased, and the other (T3, T4) hormones are in a normal condition, or the indicator is lowered.

the doctors meet more often than one that has well-defined symptoms. Subclinical hypothyroidism in children is actually less common, and in some cases it may be congenital.


the Main causes of subclinical hypothyroidism

Causes of subclinical hypothyroidism –

  • Autoimmune tireoide;
  • the
  • Treatment with medications that have in their composition radioactive iodine;
  • Resection of the thyroid gland.

In these cases, the human body starts experiencing a shortage of the hormone T4, which is very important for normal functioning of metabolic processes.


Symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism

the Symptoms of diseases such as subclinical hypothyroidism very often do not exist or are discovered only after a complete and thorough blood tests the amount of hormones. But between a quarter and almost half of people with the disease experience some symptoms. We are talking about that:


        Deteriorating memory and attention.

        Present mood disorder, to get almost to the doldrums.

        Disturbed menstrual function.

in order to establish the correct diagnosis it is necessary, first, to determine which present the level of hormones TSH and T4, as well as to diagnose, because it can clarify the main causes. By the way, to identify the causes of subklinicheski primary hypothyroidism is possible with the help of ultrasound. Depending on what testimony will be administered and scintigraphy of the thyroid gland.

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