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Disc herniation: causes and symptoms

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Very heavy and the most common disease that concerns the musculoskeletal system, there is a disc herniation. Its essence is that due to some factors, fibrous ring, begins to protrude and later to burst. It was during this gap all of the content, which is located in the intervertebral disc begins to enter the channel of the spine and a little to put pressure on a nerve root.

back Problems often arise unexpectedly, because the symptoms can appear not once. Usually, the most common causes of herniated discs are to break in the body so important metabolic processes, serious problems with posture, spinal injury and severe illness.


Causes of hernia are:

  • the injury if you fall on your back, or received a strong blow to the spinal area.
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  • the Presence of degenerative disc disease may affect the fact that to receive a hernia when lifting very heavy weights.
  • a Huge body mass, which negatively affects human health in General. This, of course, helps to add to the pressure on all discs. the

  • Very sharp turn entire torso to one side.
  • the
  • Acquired or congenital curvature of the spine. By the way, if you are interested , the more information you will find on the website:

Symptoms of a hernia

Symptoms of a hernia are themselves quite diverse. Important and you can tell first symptoms is the presence of pain in the lower back. While the hernia is quite small, the pain will manifest from time to time, but with growth they begin to acquire a permanent character. Other symptoms include:

  • Sciatica – pain, which are of a shooting character.
  • the
  • Mobility in the lower back is limited.
  • the Person feels weakness, slight tingling in one or both legs. the

  • Perhaps a slight violation of urination and stools.
  • the
  • Impotence.


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