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Gastro: the main causes and symptoms

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Gastro-duodenitis is an inflammatory disease that extends to the mucosa of the duodenum and the pyloric zone of the stomach. Gastroduodenitis is often manifested in the form of slight nausea, pains in the stomach and feeling that your stomach is full.

Frankly, the symptoms of gastro are similar to the symptoms of a disease, such as gastritis: this is a reduced appetite, you feel constantly belching, rumbling in the abdomen, constipation or diarrhea.


What are the causes of duodenitis?

gastroduodenitis secrete a variety of reasons. They are: endogenous and exogenous. Among the causes which belong to the first group, a huge importance is given to the excessive acid production, hormonal regulation of secretion and reduce the formation of mucus. In addition, the development of gastroduodenitis often predispose diseases of the bile ducts and liver, and endocrine pathology. By the way, if you are interested , more information can be found on the website:

Among the exogenous etiological factors of occurrence of gastro allocate more physical, for example, drinking hot, hot or spicy foods, or foods with chemical additives (e.g. pesticides). The main factor considered and the ingestion of such bacteria as  Helicobacter pylori.


What the symptoms of gastro?

the Symptoms of gastroduodenitis themselves are very varied and always depend on the degree of changes in the mucosa, their location, the stage of pathological process, the state of the stomach and violation of all metabolic processes in the human body. The main and first signs of gastroduodenitis has a weakness, disturbed sleep, lethargy, headaches, which are frequent.

fairly in gastro physicians see pallor of the skin, as well as manifestations of deficiency of many vitamins. The severity of these symptoms in the first place, depends on the degree of violation of metabolic processes in the sick organism.

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