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Hypertension: how to help yourself with this disease?

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AG people know about hypertension, but is an obsolete term for a disease characterized by persistent increase in blood pressure.


Symptoms of hypertension

Hypertensive patients often complain of pain in the temporal region of the head, which may be accompanied by nausea and dizziness, feeling heat on her face. In addition, according to doctors, the patients feel a burning pain in the chest, drowsiness, you can see flies before the eyes.


How to help themselves?

If you have a regular pressure increase, always carry prescribed anti - hypertensive medicines drops or pills and also something of antispasmodics. Because when the pressure is high, these funds relieve spasms, and it is normalized. Also you should buy non-carbonated water: when to drink insufficient fluid, it will block the kidneys and the pressure will rise. You will also help .


Physical activity: what better way to do this?

With hypertension should consult a physician,  exercise can I do and what of them are valid. It is important to know that sudden movements, especially bending the torso forward, head movements contribute to rush of blood to the brain and increased blood pressure.


What can you eat?

  • If you often see an increase in pressure, avoid salt, which retains fluid in the body and promotes the formation of edema. The norm is three to five grams of salt per day. If you are overweight, reduce the calorie intake.  
  • the Bread should be yesterday and contain less salt. the

  • Restrict your consumption of smoked, salted and pickled foods, do not buy muffins. Salted fish steep in the milk.
  • the
  • Eat navaristye soup portions 250 - 400 grams per day.
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  • Abstain from fatty meats, preferring chicken, Turkey, rabbit and veal.
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  • Choose low-fat varieties of fish (never canned fish in oil).
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  • will be Useful to dairy products, but not cream and thick cream.
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  • Sharp and salty cheese is also not for you.
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  • In the day, eat one egg (but they are cooked to soft).
  •  you Can consume all the cereals. the

  • Legumes are also contraindicated.
  •  Increase the number of vegetables: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, greens. From fruits you can't grapes and grape and Apple juice, which cause flatulence and, as a consequence, the increase in pressure. the

  • Those who are overweight, I advise you not to eat bananas, dried fruit and of course sweets.

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