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Fungus: treat house

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When the street is warm and want to wear open shoes or walk barefoot. However, when the annoying foot fungus is difficult to do because the red, itchy, unpleasant rash on the skin is all of the negative aspects of this disease. Positive sides, as you would like, you will not find in any of the disease.


What drugs can treat fungus on the feet?

medicines, which are intended for external use doctors suggest nizoral, ketoconazole, pimafucin, mycosoral, loceryl and many others. Also can choose in the pharmacy ointment, which usually includes naftalin and imidazole. All of these drugs is detrimental to almost all types of fungus, thus killing it directly in the root. These ointments are very often referred and antifungal, Maurer, clotrimazole, Fungizid-Ratiopharm, and others. By the way, if you are interested in , the much more information you will also find on the website:


How to cure fungus on the feet with birch tar?

to Treat a fungus on the feet you can also and using birch tar. Before you apply ointment, it is necessary to steam feet and pumice to clean off the top layer of skin. Wipe the feet dry after this procedure. Birch tar is best lubricate the space between the fingers, near the nail, and in those places where the cracks and leave about 1.5 hours. Then just need to MOP up the remnants without the use of some water. After 2 days, the procedure must be repeated.

to get rid of unbearable itching and prevent future development of fungus should make a paste with baking powder, which is diluted with warm water to the consistency of ordinary mush. This mixture should be rubbed into the affected skin for a few minutes, then rinse with water. After this procedure, it is important to thoroughly dry feet and sprinkle a little starch or de ordinary baby powder.


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