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What the Bible says about tattoos?

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a Tattoo on the body is now experiencing a revival. In the United States for every fifth person is wearing at least one tattoo. It is twice more than ten years ago. The stars of show-business, sportsmen and even the model of the popular Barbie dolls have a lot of quite visible tattoos. Given the prevalence of this phenomenon rightly raises the question for the Christian and the Bible says it?

the Short answer: nothing. At least nothing specifically defined. In the Bible there is no mention of tattoo in the modern sense. Some Christians believe tattoo on the body of a mortal sin, because God clearly forbade, said: “for the Sake of the deceased do not make cuts on your body, not nakalyvanie the letter. I am the Lord "(Lev 19, 29).

For other Christians these words do not constitute a categorical prohibition on tattooing the body, because it is the order of the old Testament law, from which Christians are exempt. By the way, if you are interested in Moscow, the more information you will find on the website:

Exploring the Internet in search of the answer to the question about the tattoo, can meet these two positions. Both false, because the Bible says nothing about the decoration of the skin pictures, patterns or text by introducing under it the carcass. And that's what it is tattoo ​​today, his understanding.

it is also Worth to explore the context of the ban. Israelitaly after his release from captivity, situated between Egypt and Canaan. Modern archaeological research has shown that in ancient Egypt is known to have been the custom of decorating the body with tattoos. But he just touched women. They contained symbols of God on those body parts associated with fertility (Breasts, hips, stomach).

In the land of Canaan, except for body tattoo with various colors, practiced other forms of interference in the skin: burning marks, cuts or scalping of the skin.  Archaeological research has confirmed what the Bible says about the land of Canaan, which maim the body for ritual purposes is true.


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