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History of massage

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It has long massage was quite an integral part of the treatmentIa. Even in ancient times, primitive people used it as a therapeutic massage and quite important tool. Known techniques, gentle stroking, fairly strong rubbing, kneading is often a sore point at first easily enough purely instinctive. His doing this is often the most common early stages of the ordinary folkmedicine. It was found that many centuries ago a regular massage is often used as a medicine   people, just living in the Pacific Islands.
is quite interesting history of the origin of the word "massage". There is a theory that the word came frombehalf of the Arab "mass" or "masch" - in translation is treated as pressing a gentle nature, or the Greek "masso" - simply squeeze hands. Medical art in any country is not complete without this proper massage. &Nbsp; held in special schools. The Chinese and Indians also beat the first to describe the massage.
It was in the third millennium BC, massage began to apply in China. sprains, rheumatic pain, the removal of a very very tired and it's not the whole list of what the Chinese could easily be treated with massage it. The Chinese, for massage, a body rub hands gently squeezed the muscles themselves also conductedand twitching. The crackling was heard quite clearly when performed twitching. But the feature of Chinese massage was thought that the hands kneaded simply the whole body of the patient, which often has a positive influence not only on the problem areas of a person who does massage itself, but also on the state of the whole organism.
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