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As a full women's dress sizes?

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by Purchasing clothes in stores, especially women's and even the big sizes, it is necessary to follow specific rules and to choose products for plump ladies, are fully consistent with the type of figure and size. In this article we will talk about this in detail and tell us about it employee the Internet-shop: where can you buy women as well as men.

When choosing garments for full ladies, of paramount importance are the data provided on the label. On the adopted in Russia marking the 1st number indicates growth. He has to get in range: "+3" - "-3", see the clothes next Measure the growth, you have to pay your notice: the position of pockets, length of sleeves, the length of the thing before and after the waist, the position of the undercut on the chest etc. If a lady of small stature (from 146 to 152 cm), but with all this, she wears clothes of the big sizes, then her choice should be approached most carefully.


What else you need to know when purchasing clothes large sizes for women?

Also important parameter is the volume of the breast. The volume (girth) of the breast is the 2nd number that indicates the label.

clothing Size is bust, which is divided into 2 Islands. For example, bust 90 cm - this corresponds to the 45-th size clothing. If directly when measuring the woman received an intermediate value, such as 92 see, then you need to choose the clothes of the nearest size, but in a big way. (in our case 94 cm, that is 48-th size clothing). If you want to buy clothes for full ladies, then this indicator should be given special importance.

in Any case, do not buy clothes for full ladies 1 in size smaller than your. Your figure will not make it more slender, but it is possible that this clothes will look far better.

If You are the owner of large Breasts, then You need to choose a garment that with proper design will visually be able to reduce it.

Also an important element in the large women's clothing is hip. It's a 3rd number, which is listed on the label.

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