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Why you should sign up for yoga classes?

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Yoga is not the only tool for internal transformation, but, perhaps – the most versatile, because it works regardless of social conditions, mentality, or nationality.

"What can be achieved with the help of yoga? This is one of the most common questions asked by newcomers," says the coach of the fitness club “Legend”, in which you can enroll in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg.


that's what often newcomers talk about their 1st steps:

  • I used to be very difficult to work with. In my mind all the time was commotion… And now everything was orderly. I clearly know what and when to do. Many tasks that were previously very difficult for me, now I have no tension, easy;
  • I was much calmer. Earlier I blew up on every occasion. Now it almost never happens;
  • I lost somewhere in 5 kg, arms have become very strong and got caught up;
  • I must “addicted” to yoga. If I miss 3 days, the whole body starts aching: back, legs, arms "requests", so they are kneaded. Direct breaking some. But last winter, I did not hurt at all;
  • I noticed that what I want comes true. Ie earlier when I wanted something, I did everything in order to get the desired, but received it only when it I was not at all necessary. Now treat everything calmer and my desires are fulfilled much faster, sometimes even such that do not need anything;
  • In the company I always before was reversal, and now, even in unfamiliar company, I was once unusually easy all communicate. Now I appreciate and love;
  • Earlier, I very often discouraged, hotyaya and realized that I was all right. Just don't have any strength. Now this is not. Feel a boost of energy. I just "Energizer”!


Often the 1st 6 months of yoga – the most striking. If you do it regularly, over this time there will be a very big change. Sometimes even stronger than in subsequent years. A person changed eating habits, communication, clothes – everything. Changing gait, figure and even look.

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