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How to choose quality bed linen?

August 17 2016

Almost a third of their life people spend in a dream, and in this you can see for yourself: normal sleep duration of about 8 hours, so this is the third part of the length of a day, and our nature for many years laid the things we love to sleep for so long, it makes sense to properly equip a bed and only with good comfort.


What is linen better to choose?

an Important criteria for the selection of quality bed linen – the material from which it is usually manufactured. Each linen should have only natural – that is, cotton, silk and linen. Also linens for a brief time to wash, so the fabric must be durable. The heavier the fabric, the stronger it is considered. This strength in the first place, depends on the density of the thread, that's why choose the linen where the thread density is not less than forty yarns per sq. cm by the Way, to look at what you can and on the website:http://odeyala-shik.com.ua/postelnoe-belyo/.


How to choose a good bed linen?

First, you need to study the label. Very often unscrupulous manufacturers like to specify in small print composition, like “50% cotton, 50% polyester”. Remember that bed linen from synthetics will always be unacceptable. At the very least you will be uncomfortable to lie on it and the more sleep but as a high – you will have the irritation or even heat rash.

Also pay attention on the total size of items of linen which will write on the label: pillowcases usually come with such parameters 50 to 70 cm or 70 by 70 cm. For this we need to measure the length and width of your quilt. If there is a small error in the width of such sheets, it is not scary. But it is important that the parameters of the selected duvet cover true. There are 4-s complete set of bed linen: single; double; family and child.


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Author: Надя Андрійчук

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