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Choose bed linen

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the Quality of our sleep directly dependent on a huge number of factors, including bed linen, with our body will be in contact for the whole night and make sleep comfortable and relaxed, or Vice versa.


Main features high-quality bedding

the Average person spends in sleep approximately 1/3 of their entire life. And so our sleep was full, be sure to choose all attributes of the dream: starting from the bed sheets and pillows, and ending with the bedroom. Must seriously consider this choice, because it is 1 of the most important things, which depends on a healthy holiday. By the way, to by for available coens you can in the online store:


that I should pay attention to when choosing bedding:

  • the Most important criterion is that the bed linen must be impervious to water and air, i.e., absorb sweat and breathe. Duvet covers and sheets should be made of such natural fabrics as linen, cotton and silk;
  • As bed linen need to be washed often - it must be strong. Here works the principle: the more durable fabric, so it will last longer. After several washes, gentle and soft material can "surprise" you sprawling seams and holes;
  • another Important factor is the quality of the dyes, because hardly faded immediately after the 1st washing the sheets will please the owner with a dull appearance. We must not forget that the human body linens in contact for quite a long time, therefore, questionable dyes can cause allergies.

Choosing a bed linen, you should not always trust the assurances of the sellers and what is written on the tags. Among sellers come across unscrupulous and, in order not to make mistakes when choosing, you must know the main characteristics of high-quality bedding.


in Order to choose a good bed linen should be:

  • Examine the joints;
  • to Appreciate the smell;
  • to Evaluate the density of the tissue;
  • Look at the thread that stitched directly to this bed linen
  • Examine the package.

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