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What to choose for the walls - practicality or beauty?

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the walls in a particular stage of repair. Their ‘outfit’ depends on a lot: style of the future interior, comfort and, finally, durability. Therefore, the customers choose the Wallpaper carefully. But always be faced with a dilemma - the practicality or beauty? So, what takes precedence and what the Wallpaper is the best? After all, experts say that currently our Wallpaper market is so saturated that can offer customers both the beauty and practicality at the same time.

In Ukraine, presented Wallpaper for walls more than 100 manufacturers. Wallpapers come in different types. There are: paper, textile, natural Wallpaper, vegetable fibres, vinyl, paper backed, vinyl on non-woven, “liquid”, glass fiber (fiberglass), self-adhesive, paintable, Wallpapers and the like. By the way, the reasons for the decline in demand for Wallpaper is the reduction of construction, fluctuations in the dollar in years past, the reduction of the loans, and therefore of falling demand for real estate. By the way, if you are interested in high quality photo order, the more information you will find on the website: .


Wallpaper buy winter

you Always want to make repairs once and for all life, or at least ten years. Therefore very often prefer the paint or textured plaster - durable and practical. However, sales of Wallpaper they say that the time has come when the same characteristics will have the modern Wallpaper. Those washable used in Ukraine for six years and are quite practical. Most often they are glued in kitchens and bathrooms, and mixed with fairytale characters for children, ornaments and colors to suit living rooms and bedrooms. The main importers of Wallpaper are Germany and Belarus. A smaller part of the market is divided between Italy, Russia, China and other countries.

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