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What does a woman want?

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What do women want? Knows not only the vast majority of men, which these days prowl in search of gifts, that for sure don't know and women themselves. We know only one thing, when all of a sudden all the women desire to remove heavy clothing and to wear something light and teasing in front of them there is a fire, face blooming smile, a gait is light and playful. Of course, in order to feel fulfilled, we must, first, engage them, and especially their hair.


Features of women's haircuts  

Features of this season is that the length of the hair there are no clear requirements - it can be short, long, and medium length. But short haircuts are several long and extra long in the front, the ears should be closed. The most fashionable are blondes and brunettes, but we must remember that uniform colour is not relevant. Modern fashion offers a coloring with three colors. For blonde hair will suit shades of pink, apricot, camel colors, and the color of the sapphire and pearls. For dark hair - red, purple, red and black colors. It is worth noting that a fashionable are natural color and very bright, neon, is no longer relevant. The highlights can be both horizontal and vertical. Perms better to do with big curls. Evening hairstyles comeback of the classic style, romantic waves and lots of thorns. By the way, if you are interested in a quality hair mask, the more information you can find on the website: .


How to properly care for your hair?

First I would advise all women not to be lazy to care for hair, wash it with a shampoo in accordance with hair type. To make a nourishing mask, especially for those who have dry, colored hair, and permed. It is best to use the funds to care for hair well-known and proven firms. But when buying them, be sure to check the seller a certificate of quality, because now a lot of fakes sold. However, the funds these firms are sold in one-liter bottles and the concentration of shampoo in them much larger than usual. That is, one bottle may be enough for you a year that ultimately will be cheaper and cheaper. Nourishing mask should be done 3-4 times a month. Apply it to freshly washed hair, wrap head with a towel and after 30-40 minutes rinse with no soap. After a while you yourself will be surprised of the result.

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