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Machinations associated with red caviar

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Manufacturers delicacies resortnew tricks that are not warn customers
Almost all the eggs on the market, now mostly   pac in Ukraine. This delicacy is not cheap, so most allow themselves to eat them only on Christmas and New Year holidays. It's about once a scarce crasnoy calf. Buy it today without problems - if only the money was. In the market there are many new brands. After caviar "do" and we have.
- We tested twice a year: in September and December - says Valentin armless, president of scientifically research center of independent consumer ExperTeese "Test". - To purchase this product for research, encountered some "innovations" in the world's caviar. Whereas previously the majority of eggs were imported to us from Russia, where it was packed directly into extraction sites, but now we see that almost all the eggs "make" in the Ukraine. Including those brands that were previously manufactured products in Russia. By the way, part of our company brings caviar producers not only there, but also from the United States.
- And then, I wonder, "do" caviar?
- Production of "Ukrainian" caviar begins in Russia for catching fish and its appropriate treatment. Fish removed yastiks - "bags" in which SODerzhitsya caviar, punch them, seize caviar. Then salted. Next add preservatives and other ingredients. For example, oil to eggs do not stick together, glycerol (E422), holds moisture well (why caviar is not so quick drying) and somewhat mitigates the bitter taste. After the grain is packed into jars.
But since Mr.ome manufacturers carry stages of production in different countries, for example, extracting yastiks, eggs and pickles of them can do in one place, and the rest - in the other. In Ukraine, eggs, apparently driven by strong cooling, almost frozen. Because it can not be completely frozen - crack. Already here delicacy perefasovuyut. The same brandin calves are often made in Ukraine and in Russia.
However, two absolutely identical in appearance jars with caviar of a particular fish differ materially price through the site generation. Of course, Russian caviar will cost more.
One more thing. Whereas previously the majority of calvesmade in accordance with GOST, now - according to technical specifications (TU). Still requirements DSTU straightforward, hard and readily available. And that is a trade secret.
The most expensive and largest - of chum salmon, the most common - in pink, the smallest size - with sockeye. Occasionally happens trout caviar.
- Caviar - an expensive product. Often manufacturers « & raquo ;, sin without making a bank gramchik -Other?
- We weighed. All manufacturers really nedokladyvayut promised to label in grams. Within the tolerance, but ...
- In the market a new product - fresh - caviar. What is it? Fresh - juice - is understandable, but fresh - caviar?
- This is just a great name. Our center is checked so-called fresh - caviar. It turned out that this product is free of preservatives, but not fresh caviar. Because it produced in Ukraine and in November. Likelyits all raw materials delivered here in the frozen form. Incidentally, the caviar without preservatives can be stored for more than a month.
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