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Kislomolochny products: yaki Varto kupovati

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 Kislomolochny products - TSE the gift nature, pers z Winkle Sami another, no virochana person. After h spavin virobnichi - Molochnik Baker, that Casati suicaine milk. In resultat tsogo process Molochniy no (lactose) perevorot in Molochna acid, and parallel vdbase Masa NSA reactions, zadaci Yakima product ottimo svy specify Smak I consistency.

Next people nauchilsya are Robit cycle milk that NSW closelock Sami, deduce to milk starter - usually z as przygotowanego product, in any just Kisii Baker. Hello hi about , hi about h role lyudstva long hours navti not dogadyvalis. Role bacteria in process skasuvannya (brodine) rasshifrovki lachey in other polowin XIX century, and you bacterial concentrate instead of traditsii starters nauchilsya troch more one hundred years to.

Chomu in DOPOMOGA molochnokislykh bacteria vihodyat tak RSN products - from ceru to ryazhanka that yogurtAbout TSE us rosport spivrobitnyky Prat "".

TSE vdbase ensure scho Baker buuuut rsname - acidophilus I bolgarski Palicki, Termoli that's Streptococcus pyogenes., lactaton. Have CIR name ? ukasi h form: stink really often Shoe Palicki or bags (Coca), that often schalen in lanzul (strepto). RSN Baker doomgate do RSN products.


Mart, IV or supergis?

We DOMO yogurti I all investigation kislomolochny produkti IV I Mart. TSE wrong, stink in viznachennya IV. kinets thermo sberna in skin gram product guilty bootie not short 10 million live bacteria: obov laskovy have etikett about those, scho in not short 110⁷ KUO / g" talk same about TSE.

Matter: if kislomolochny products IV, that chomu stink sberkassa so Dovgy, and not 3-4 day or week? Today usually vykorystovuyutsia starter from stop-effect. Baker in pasun I with sberger not razmnozhajsja. Tradicin products nedogogo sberna z klasyczna leaven - better.



If molock Baker in kilomoles vbite or rsco polarity h aktivnosti I gewust in DOPOMOGA temperature obrobki, that wide dead product. Hello itsuno VIN comes nazivaetsa squalene.

Matter: TSE duzhe pog?ny I product name zapnuto, after skasuvannya - TSE Sam process brodine, scho we kislomolochny same alive. Related, tak proposed prolabium virobnichi. I you Varto Sepam remembered: termsqualene etikett talking about, scho product nazivi.

Schwachen products buuuut 2 tips

  • pROSTObite» vysokou temperature kislomolochny product;
  • «ubitipseudocoelomate product (and milk VIN mstate rosline oil y investigation namelock component, Hello roblet Yogo Ter in DOPOMOGA bacteria).

Scho tak Baker, cheese that investigation bauprodukte?

TSE if to be-yakogo dairy product dodati probiotici or prebiotic. Stink not take participation in process brodine, Yak Molochnik Baker, Hello privnote in product deacu 'na koryst

  • probiotici - TSE Corin scraggane, scho prignutsya to NASA mkrefany, scho naselja intestines, I doomgate y;
  • prebiotic - TSE null, lactulose that investigation recovery, scho stimulate rst I razmnozheniya our vlasnik bacteria in the intestines.

Dealine warehouse

Better kislomolochny products roblet only z milk I starter - nichogo hoho in no. Hello nabagato castle warehouse what it is Dowson: milk Yak bi znovu construit z dry powder (TSE allowed), sirovatka, verschw, verstovogo oil, VOD I t. D.


Scho mean havethis thermostaten method”?

Traditio kislomolochny robili home in peciko, banks, cups, nastrojkah, tobto in small absas. Have promislovist skasuvannya vdbase usually have Velicina mestah. I with vesuvan in knave packing product utrace my texture - slni Gelati sgustok: so consistency gra bike role in smaku yogurt, ryazhanka that bagatoh NSA kislomolochny products and. Termsan products Casati straight in Tille char, in that I produt. Often won what it is sclang, Hello ? I plastikov packing.



Spravzhniy ker roblet only iz leaven z Kernig Gribov (deduce Molochnik Baker - stink Sami on sobi mstats in Molot). So technology wiredrive, Hello product naturalny.

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