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How to refill refillable ink cartridges for printers Epson

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Initially it should be noted that refillable cartridges are different, but they are often very similar and quite easy to fill. All cartridges of this type there is always 2 island holes: air and gas.

the First SHOULD ALWAYS BE OPEN! Thanks to this hole in the cartridge supplied with air instead of ink that was spent directly during printing. If the hole to close, then inside the cartridge when you print a vacuum, and as a result, the printer will stop working, and sometimes it can go wrong printhead. It is therefore important, in order for such cartridges air hole when you print has always been open.

here is the filling hole is used directly for filling the cartridge.

Now let's look at how to refill refillable ink cartridge for printers of Epson company. By the way, all you can read on the website Directly for the refueling will have to buy several disposable syringes of 10 ml at your local pharmacy.


what and What?

  • Initially, you need to take the syringe, put the needle on it and fill the syringe with ink;
  • After that, you must open the cartridge filling hole, which, in turn, is closed special. plug;
  • Next you need into the cartridge to lower the needle somewhere in the 1 cm and slowly fill it with ink. Please note that dropping the cartridge, the needle cannot touch the bottom and walls (especially the side because 1 of them is made of a thin film, and if you poke a hole, the cartridge will become unusable and begin to leak);
  • Refillable ink cartridges are made from transparent plastic, so it's easy to see exactly how much ink is filled into the cartridge (you'll have to fill somewhere at 95%, and then the filling hole should be closed with a stopper). At the 1st gas station into the cartridge will enter about 15 ml ink, and subsequent refills, when directly printing device will give you a message that it is necessary to replace the cartridge and block printing, the cartridge may remain picerno from 30 to 50% of the ink, but that's totally fine!

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