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Chim good laserna Plaza? The I shte bagato Zivago about hair , laseri

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Z peavoy laserna technologies in cosmetology many procedures become easily wykonywania. The word «laser» avla him acronym (view abrevadero), Yak in rosiysky movi vzhe long been samostani word. From the literal Sens «laser» this means Dzherelo plastic s great energy, Yak mozhna pokusavati ) pretvoriti in musikspelare beam. 1 iz] laserna technologies in cosmetology . laserna Plaza. By the way, in CIV to do laserna alazy can be in .

Plaza laser - TSE 1-in z najswietszej , themselves dva] prebrati save hair once I nazavzhdi. Vsogo for decline procedures can Domotica gladko I Nino SCRI practical at whether yaky dlanc oblichchya I TLA. When detrimen vsih vimoh to the procedure, won , , absolutely careless not Zapadu Skadi health of Yu.


"+" and "-" lazerno Alec

Pid vplivom laser promena scho pass through stovbura volosin, vdbase nagrania Clin scho mstate melann, I podalshe lcvac hair falcula. SCRN parriwi thus not uskoryaetsya and zlegka nagraadse I Shvidko ostiguy. Laserna Plaza dozvola vitality tilki ti hairs, yaki Varoli 3-5 mm I pomt on the surface, that is, znahoditsya have fat zrostannya active (anagen). Ale always her “Sapan” ABO splash volosyan zibeline, that intervenors have the anagen phase after procedure, that for povnogo vidalina nebrangu hair pokriva need to spend decline seans.


  • the Yak I have coino procedure, tsogo method s Yogo zastosuvannya vdras viability plus and I minusi, it should be about that of the nobility before the sessions. Basic "-" epsc laser yea obov'compulsory kontrastnosti hair I scrna pokriva dwellers melann scho mstetice in Volos, not SCR, paginas Luzerne vipraha. So, for example, Razi dark hair on dark SCR ABO swag (Rudy) hair on swetly SCR of Barzani effect dosages not practical. For producing the effect neophane darker (dark-rosave) hair on swetly SCR, then lazerniy Promin bude pollinates same volosam. Hello today I can versity TSI the challenge for tsogo need just Pdet potrebni rsdavid laserna d;
  • Vanocni mosom # vartist procedure, ale yakscho taking into account, scho effect from Luzerne epsc - TSE povna vastly hair, Danny "-" Mauger to self surrender to the great "+".


  • Wastnt strong of belovich vdott pid hour procedure;
  • Vastly poskozeni SCRI have wiggled rubs I srmv;
  • Trevali effect after the course (to 6 years), and Razi perfect contrast hair s screw - pozbavlennya from them nazavzhdi;
  • Small trevally session epsc after hour.

Pagatavo to laserna Alec . ( holding

Pagacova polega in fact scho Pacto need drastici hair though 3-5 mm (delanco, de as vykorystovuyutsia investigation methods epsc ABO diplac). Choice of dourine 3-5 mm Ter not wypadkowe, Yak sama in this case Mauger Buti garantovano efektivnosti I besbelli procedure.

Nevelik delancy Scrooge pokriva prominayutsya laser push stroke promicu pevnyi hour. So, for example, the zone “busiku” broblast vsogo 10-12 minutes, BCN area - 10-15 minute so I further. Max hours Saima obrobka surface Stegen is 1 hour.

pactv s high belowim threshold Plaza laser Mauger provoditsya without anestis, ale je parti s nizkim belowim threshold, yaki not mozhut terpri navti small BL. In this case the area vpliva broblast gel s lgokom.

in addition, suchen laser installation osname nozzles, DOPOMOGA yakih scra pid hour manulac apologus scho sensu , cutlist. Pid hour vidalina hair Ochi Pavin bootie Zahedan darken eyepieces.


nebian nalci Yaki mozhut fenicoti?

Bagatoh pactv I especially cholov zivity not only the questions about Maglev below vdott, ale I about nalci dano procedure. Wintenna of abagana naslov laserna Alec zaleite from sprintline SCRI I nayavnost have pacta allergic reactions. At CIR vipadkah on scrna pokrivac Mauger fenicoti Heerema, Yak znika push stroke declick days.

in addition pacerone, party not skarzhitisya on Paavo naraku ABO sinzu, and takozh od sldv OPCW have wiggled pwhiv. Reasons for tsogo DV - recent intensivnij tan, and also neprofessionalizm lcara cosmetologist. Obid causes clcom pureborn. Susmaga scra I otrimali great dose of ultraviolet viprova and Chergui potik plastic Mauger , posaditi, that after samagi procedure provoditi't possible.

another case of nabahani result we poperegay, if pdfedit to vibora salon I Foca, crouches DOSUGA cosmetologist I runem Yogo profesjonalizmu and not cheap the I available cnow.

it should be sadati about pactv s pcvideo roslins on SCR, villicana gormonalnoe poruchenye. Dwellers laserna ABO whether yaky-a different kind epsc doping iterotica s problem, need usnote , persicaria, namely - hormonally imbalance. Homo in the case of the hair growth bude znovu, navti after click seans. For DOPOMOGA laser dosage mozhna tilki m quality Volosko (if hirsutism).


ViDi lasers for ALAC

home vdnet in laserna installations scho used in cosmetology, polaha in doujin hvili. Same Davina hwil visnaga knave result of I producing Baganova the effect:

  1. Plaza dodanie laser (diode laserna Plaza). Davina hvili diode laser 810 nm becoming. Zastosovuyutsya not only for vidalina hair s be of Yakima type ski, ale I to treatment hirsutism (garstka hair) and hypertrichosis (nadlique rst hair). Wherein garstka hair STE m Yakima I ReportName, and m Yak hair znika;
  2. Laserna Plaza alexandrium laser. Davina hvili - no more 755 nm. Yogo zastosuvannya - Plaza swag I Rudy's hair, especially if SKR got pcvideo cutlist. Other Yogo zastosuvannya - vidalina tetouani I wagnis gephart;
  3. Laserna Plaza neodymium laser. Davina hvili at tsogo laser stanoviti of 1063 nm and the laser beam ? light infracervene. Region zastosuvannya - Plaza dark hair on sahlawi ABO of tasmali SCR, and also vidalina rosacea (stocki Kapler), treatment vorovoro Viseu and correction srmv;
  4. Rubinovii laser. Davina hvili becoming 694 nm. Region zastosuvannya - Plaza dark hair on swetly SCR, and also vidalina phmeter I tetouani, zroblenih ranuculaceae I nasienie farbami.

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