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In the sports club "bars" (Alushta) held the championship of the Crimea on free-style wrestling

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On the basis of the club «bars» (Alushta) passed the championship of the Crimea in freestyle wrestling. In this sport event took part about 60 young wrestlers who came to Alushta from all over the Peninsula of Crimea. By the way, it is worth mentioning that in this championship, but the men had taken part and the girls. Coach of international category, the chief judge of competitions - Refat Mustafaev, wished decent results all fighters.

the President of the Crimean Federation of free-style wrestling, when talking about the hall of wrestling of sports club «bars» said: "I am proud that in the Crimea there is a gym and hope that we will have also excellent results at competitions of the highest level".

"a Worthy appearances at various wrestling carpets, and also beauty and health" - all participants wished chief coach of the national team of the Crimea wrestling Ignat Grek, who also noted that the club «bars» has wrestling hall global level and noted that the conduct here the competition is 1-but fun.

Director of the children's and youth sports school of Department of education, the Deputy of city Council of Alushta Alan turiyev said, "it's Nice to see the ranks of the fighters are replenished with young athletes. I want to Express my gratitude to the Department of education and city Council,  for that now in the villages of the region Alushta there is a wrestling section. In our municipality a lot for the development of wrestling and sports in General, the President of the club «bars» . In order for the sport to be with all my heart, it is necessary that the sports club had a lot of qualities, among which are: a love for specific types of sports, love of children, as well as patriotism. So, Jemal Putin loves his job and, in addition to everything he is craving to create. The parents of many young wrestlers are very grateful to him for what their child can do so in good conditions. By the way, thanks to the club «bars» all Alushta DYUSSH together and actively working on the prevention of crime among adolescents."

Duels of young wrestlers were very impressive, as all the participants strove for victory, giving at the same time in full force.

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