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By what means and methods you can get rid of alcoholism

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regular consumption of alcohol leads to a chronic disease, like alcoholism. Common external signs of alcoholism are bloodshot eyes and puffy face. The alcoholic is increases the heart rate and you receive a hoarse voice, but also it differs by excessive irritability, emotion and suspicion.

If an alcoholic decides to get rid of destructive addiction, then this decision is definitely a tough but wise enough. In order to succeed, is not only a great strength of will, which aims at the rejection of alcohol, but also the use of specific means and methods of treatment of alcoholism. By the way, details that you can read on the website of the medical center «Crystal»: A huge help in treatment of the alcoholic can have: physical activity, home remedies, and many food products.


Problems that causes alcohol

Alcoholism causing such short-term health problems like: malnutrition, insomnia, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, lack of coordination etc.

Alcoholism is such a long-term health problems, such as: reduction of immunity, cirrhosis and liver damage, pancreatitis, kidney problems, heart disease, impotence, anxiety disorder, obesity, etc.

alcohol effect on human social status, it leads to: loss of employment, violent behavior and irritability, divorce, domestic violence, etc. from alcohol dependence should be disposed as early as possible and with it forever.

Some people have such a strong alcohol addiction that cannot live without alcohol or 1-day. In this case, to stop drinking would be very difficult.


7 medical tools and tips that will help to overcome alcohol addiction:

Best method to quit drinking is the following - every day little by little decrease the amount of alcohol consumed;

  • All the time engaged in different activities – play with your children, work, exercise, communicate with family members, do the family business, etc.;
  • For 10 days follow a diet with a high consumption of vegetable and fruit juice;
  • don't go to bars and night clubs, don't socialize with people who drink, as well as keep a consistent and strong desire to stop drinking. Be energetic and optimistic person;
  • Try not to meet up with friends in the evening and at night;
  • Throw away all the empty bottles;
  • Some vitamins and dietary Supplements are very useful in dealing with a reduction in alcohol dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

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