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The essence of professional window cleaning

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Often, any cleaning company provides the following services: cleaning of private houses (cottages), including, directly after the repair and construction as well as cleaning apartments and offices (selected, in which carry out only certain, pre-agreed or complex). But the most difficult and the most popular service is cleaning Windows.

You ask: "what's difficult washing Windows?". Indeed, from time to time, all owners of apartments and private houses, wash Windows, use simple household sets, which consist of cloth (sponge), Newspapers and cleaning products purchased in the shop. But in this case we are not talking about "ordinary" washing Windows, namely a "professional". By the way, if you are interested in a professional in Almaty, then you can order it in a cleaning company "Clean Life".


That offers professional window washing?

  • washing and cleaning of window sills, frames;
  • tchatelno the removal of dirt from the sills and jambs;
  • cleaning of glass by means of scrapers and cleaning specials. means that save it from paint, masking tape, cement, etc.;
  • wash glass using professional tools and resources;
  • wiping down the glass.

Why should you contact the professionals at the cleaning company?

For example, if you need to wash Windows, ordinary people simply can not hold such large-scale work and cleaning company, in turn, is able to offer you services of industrial mountaineering. In addition, professionals can easily cope with Windows that open and uncomfortable can help the office or conference room to find shining unsurpassed appearance.

when Booking a window cleaning professionals, you can not worry about the awkward opening, the time of year, the level of pollution and the preservation of plastic Windows.

Employees of the cleaning company will definitely specify you data such as:
the height of the Windows;
design style window;
type of room that you need to clean residential or office.

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