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What is TM "Milavitsa"

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TM "Milavitsa" is a unique combination of affordable prices, quality and gorgeous designs. This brand produces comfortable women's, children's, and masculine linen, linen for every taste and color. Than linen TM "Milavitsa" is so famous in EU and CIS? Why Milavitsa prefer to buy everything, who knows the products in this TM? This is what we tell the employee the Internet-shop you can buy at the most affordable price.


Features lingerie "Milavitsa"

the Main advantage of underwear "Milavitsa" is that it has a unique structural characteristics and design. Thanks to the materials of which it is made and its shape, you almost do not feel it is linen on his body. Mostly natural, soft fabrics, unsurpassed beauty and comfortable anatomical tailoring  – all this makes linen Milavitsa is especially popular in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.


the history of the brand "Milavitsa"

Under this name, this brand became known only in 1998, However it was very popular even before that (during the tsarist Russia and in the USSR).

to Produce underwear in Belarus at the factory started the French even back in 1908, the inhabitants of France knew all about fashionable, high-quality and beautiful lingerie and corsets. At that time in Russia there were so many women dreams to wear high-quality French linen that is why the founder of the factory (Francois Tournier) had quite a significant market for their products.

From 1929 (the Bolsheviks) this factory was renamed to the haberdashery factory «Belarusian”. There are produced not only lower men's and women's underwear, and various sewing accessories. A short time later the factory was renamed into Minsk sewing company «Komsomolskaya Pravda». In the Soviet Union on the territory of the enterprise chili the majority of all linen products of the Soviet Union.

And in 1998 the company was privatized and renamed to “very”. This plant came to work for specialists in sewing and cutting corset-underwear products, as well as experienced designers that have transformed the factory in 1 of the most recognizable and popular sewing houses of Europe.

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