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Treatment of diabetes in Israel

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Today, diabetes is the most common disease worldwide and millions of people suffer from them at a very serious stage. If the first place are cardiovascular diseases, followed by cancer, then the third place was taken by diseases of diabetes. The disease first appeared in the third century BC, when in place, practically nobody has been able to treat serious diseases, and the sick just die. Only in the nineteenth century, diabetes mellitus was fully explored, and there was a thin thread of success. This is a heterogeneous disease during which there is inhibition of carbohydrate metabolism, thereby the metabolism of proteins and fats and suffer almost all the internal organs and blood vessels. Most often this is due to insufficient supply to the cell insulin or when there is a hormonal failure, there is not interaction with the tissues of the human body.

At risk are people who have the disease is inherited. A huge role is played by obesity, behavioral features, pancreas, stresses and psychotropics. Often, doctors determine the infection of the disease, the launcher of the disease, these include rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis and even the flu. Diagnosis of diabetes is not always determined in time, there is a period when the disease is hidden. If you periodically go for check-UPS, donate blood glucose, the disease you can't miss it. Be careful if you have increased thirst, you often mocheispuskani appear on the body sores, cramps.

For patients with diabetes in Israel are offered:

  • to consult a specialist endocrinologist;
  • full range of laboratory tests, including blood tests and urine tests for hormones, infections and other and complete ;
  • is Doppler blood vessels;
  • it made the cardiogram of heart;
  • ophthalmologist conducts a comprehensive study of view;
  • inspection methods required.

After all the events the doctor examines the patient, again, appoint additional diagnostic procedures or assigns from treatment. An experienced endocrinologist is an individual plan, which includes drug therapy, prescribed diet, diet and exercise. Rehabilitation the issue of Israel and the very serious and is at the highest level. It fully complies with international standards.

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