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What are contact lenses?

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a Huge number of people in the world are daily such means of vision correction like contact lenses. It is about them we'll talk in our article and tell us about them employee the Internet-shop: where you can buy quality contact lenses in Kiev.


Contact lenses: what is it?

Is a curved, thin lens that is placed on the tear film, with covering the eye surface. Often, such lenses are not color, but for convenience in handling, they are also slightly colored. Modern contact lenses are hard or soft. The majority of people wear soft lenses, but relatively recently all lenses were made of glass.


a Little history

it May seem that contact lenses are a modern addition to the various means of vision correction, but they have a very long history, which stretches from the time of ren? Descartes and Leonardo da Vinci. In XIX century German glassblower made lenses that could be worn through which you could see the optometrist and Germany for a couple of hours to adapt these lenses to be worn.


What are the varieties of contact lenses?

basically, contact lenses are used directly for vision correction, but also have such lenses, which are purely for decorative and cosmetic purposes. So, for example, colored contact lenses can completely change the eye color or make it more intense, and costume contact lenses create the special effects that can be seen on the big screen.

But anyway, absolutely all contact lenses are medical devices. Due to the fact that inflammation and infection (the most common complications while wearing contact lenses), can lead to complete or partial loss of vision and cosmetic lenses, and lenses for vision correction require a prescription.


How to prevent complications of wearing lenses?

in Order to avoid complications you need to:

  • to Consult an ophthalmologist;
  • Buy contact lenses exclusively from legitimate sources;
  • to keep lenses in perfect order and clean;
  • to Comply with all the instructions for handling the lenses.

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