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Decorative and colored contact lenses

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Beautiful eyes is 1 of the most important components of a fashionable image and charming appearance. Unfortunately, not all people the nature has endowed expressive eyes and eyes that can impress others. That is why, many people do everything in order to make your own eyes more expressive and bright. And one of the ways to achieve this are colored contact lenses that can dramatically change and enhance the natural color of human eyes, and also they can give the eyes a unique highlight - the amazing colors and beauty of the pattern on the iris. By the way, in Kiev, buy quality colored contacts you can in the online store .


types of colored contact lenses

There are a couple of varieties of colored contact lenses, namely:

  • tinted (tint);
  • color;
  • decorative;
  • carnival;
  • cosmetic.

Toning contact lenses tinted by about 20 percent, that is why they are not able to change the eye color dramatically. Their main purpose is partial change or enhancing natural eye color. These lenses are suitable only to owners of light eyes, but dark eyes contact lenses almost not affected.

Color call such contact lenses that are intended to dramatically change the natural color of dark or light eyes. This varieties include the majority of all colored contact lenses. These lenses are able to change any color eyes  due to the fact that they have a dye which, in turn, through itself does not transmit light. So that people could see in such lenses, the area of the pupil they leave you completely transparent.

is a contact lens that is designed to build on the background of the iris of a person a particular quirky color pattern or effect. These lenses are ideal for people with good taste who want to contribute some flavor to your image.

is a kind of decorative contact lenses. However, in contrast to the decorative lenses create a carnival in the iris of the eye unexpected, very catchy and sometimes even shocking picture (smiley face, cat eyes, vampire eyes, dollar sign, thorn, flame, soccer ball, etc.).

Beauty - these contact lenses are designed to cover a variety of eye defects: anisocoria, aniridia, aphakia, cataract, heterochromia, coloboma etc.

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