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What is the difference between a loggia and a balcony?

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As we all know, the balcony is a very useful addition to any apartment. However, often speaking of the balcony, actually people referring to such a structure, as a loggia. What are the differences between these 2 structures?

From the point of view of etymology, the definition of the lodges and balconies need to look for in Sunny Italy. The 1st, balcony (balcone), represented itself with a fairly wide ledge right next to the Windows, where residents enjoy the fresh air. After a time, these sites began to fence. Loggia (loggia), often implies a niche in the wall, i.e. in contrast to the balcony, this structure is located inside the building. Next, we take a closer look at the main differences between these facilities and rasskaze us employee "100 Windows", where you can enjoy a glass .


Differences from the loggia balcony

Balcony fenced-called cantilever structure protruding from the plane of the facade of the building. Go to the balcony from the room that adjoins it, and is often United in a single block doors and Windows. Balcony slab attached to the wall only on the input side, that is why it has little carrying capacity. Therefore overloading the typical bulky balconies very heavy materials or structures is not recommended. There is no heating and wall insulation. When compared with the loggia, the balcony less functional.

the Loggia is called the design, which, unlike the previous buildings, not fenced with 4 and with 3 or 2 sides. The corner loggia to 50% is built into the building itself. Unlike the balcony, her concrete slab rests on the load-bearing or Polynesia the walls of the building.

It is open and built into the building, at least 1 side of the loggia is heated, because heating appliances are not provided here.



the Main differences of these constructions are:

  • the number of open sides;
  • the way near the wall;
  • the average size;    
  • the terms of the arrangement;
  • reliability.

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