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What are the round-link chains

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round link chain is a product that consists of elongated oval links. Their main characteristics are: the degree of strength, the diameter of the twig and the step. To create a round link chains is used alloy steel, the production process involves heat treatment, which in turn makes it possible to make the product more durable for wear and tear. By the way, if you need something inexpensive you can buy it on the website:


Variety and features

round link chain can be long and short links, which directly affects their cost and scope. Dependent on the accuracy of the data creation circuit  come with spacers, grooved, and bratica. By design the features of these products are welded and cast.

the First products made from wire with a circular cross section by the method of heating and cold binding. It is very important that the wire diameter was < 2.5 cm. A steel rod is cut into segments of a specific size, which is subsequently heated, then connect and then weld them together.

the Latest release by casting a 1-in reception with the use of sophisticated Styrofoam forms. The metal is down to each individual link using the siphon. This method is very time consuming because of the need to create complex molds and large number of molding sand.

GOST round link chain must be made from an alloy mixture which comprises molybdenum, chromium, and Nickel. You need to choose durable steel, so that products do not lose properties such as tensile strength and toughness. In the composition of the steel must include the aluminium, which is used as a deoxidizer in order to achieve a durable weld and the strength of links. Chain can be painted, polished and processed with anti-corrosive composition.


types of chains:

  • korotkodnevnye normal strength;
  • traction high tensile strength;
  • mounted to the cement kilns CO and PSC that rotate;
  • dlinnozvennye;
  • for load-lifting mechanisms;
  • uncalibrated;
  • calibrated traction and cargo normal strength;
  • korotkodnevnye uncalibrated.

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