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Disc herniation L5-S1 - the main enemy of the human spine

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If to consider the name "L5 S1", the letter "L" (lumbar) means the lumbar spine, and the letter "S" (sacrum) and sacral region of the spine. Figures 5 and 1 is the ordinal number of the vertebrae. From the foregoing, we conclude that the herniated disc is located directly between the 1st vertebra in the sacrum and 5th lumbar respectively. it is impossible in any case to be postponed, so if you have been diagnosed with this disease - we must act now.

In the majority of cases, the lumbar spine becomes a place of herniated and the main reason for this is the max load on the lower back. It is on the lower back have the center of gravity and the entire weight of a person (it is located on 2 Islands of the fingers below the navel). In addition to large loads, in this Department, the spine has a very large amplitude motions.

Often is developing a herniated disc l5 s1, since in these intervertebral discs max concentrated load (as a result, they almost never “rest”). They are constantly loaded even when a person is lying.


Causes of a herniated disc L5-S1

Herniated discs at the l5 s1 (lumbosacral spine) are observed in almost 50 % of all cases. Disc herniation in this location appears due to very large axial loads. As a result, may increase intra disk pressure or damaged fibrous ring of intervertebral disc.

anterior Longitudinal ligament of the lumbar spine, which prevents shifts and strengthens the fibrous ring, reinforced a little better than the rear ligament, which is approaching the level of s1 becomes thinner, and because of this, and appear herniated discs.

Generally there is a huge variety of causes of herniated discs, but often they appear due to degenerative disc disease. As a result, after the destruction of the lost water, and then shock-absorbing properties of the nucleus pulposus of the disc. In the end, the fibrous ring loses the required amount of nutrients and because of this, its structure is destroyed.

Since the load is immediately on the spine does not become smaller, and purposee - lost their shock-absorbing properties, then there is a pressure on the walls of the annulus, which leads to the formation of the protrusion. If at this stage not to give the disease proper attention, then after some time it will be rupture of the fibrous ring and is formed intervertebral hernia.

metabolic disorders can also be the reason for the emergence of this disease. Hernia appears that the spinal discs do not have their own network of blood vessels. As a result, all the necessary nutrients they are getting by means of diffusion from neighboring tissues. And when not necessary loads, the diffusion in sufficient quantities is simply not happening and as a result, the disk is “fast”.

Irregular meals, coffee and cigarettes impair blood circulation, because it does not allow blood to get enough oxygen, and this, in turn, deprives the spine of the vital elements.

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