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The main problems of children with disabilities

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Children with disabilities is a special social group of the population differentiated by social status, gender and age and are heterogeneous in their composition, which occupies a significant place in demograficzne-the social structure of our society. The main feature of this social groups is the inability of self-realization of their own constitutional rights to employment, rehabilitation, health care, and independent living.

Professionals working with children with disabilities, highlight some of the barriers (problems) faced by the disabled child and his family in Russia and tell us about these issues centre officer “In ”, which provides financial help to disabled children and their families.


the problems of children with disabilities:

  • the Territorial, social and economic dependence Rebeca disabled from guardians and parents;
  • Often, the birth of a baby with features of physiological or psychological development or the family breaks up, or very very protective of this child and thus does not allow him to develop normally;
  • there is a very weak professional training of children with disabilities;
  • There are some difficulties directly when moving around the town, which in turn leads to isolation;
  • the Lack of legal security;
  • Negative public opinion towards persons with disabilities;
  • the Weakness of state policies and lack of integrated centres psycho-social rehabilitation and specialized information center.

unfortunately, the above problem – this is only a small part of the barriers that everyday there are children with disabilities.



Disability – is a limit to the possibilities that are due to sensory, psychological, and physical disabilities. As a result of legislative, social and other barriers that prevent the disabled to integrate into society and participate in society or family on the same basis as other members of the society.

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