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What is lamination eyelashes?

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looks any girl can't be any trifles that she could be neglected. So, as a woman plays an important role, even the curl of your lashes, not to mention the plumpness of the lips and expressive eyes. Long beautiful eyelash with a graceful curve can enchant any of the 1st representative of the stronger sex, and every real woman knows that.

So the lashes always remained Flirty and feminine it is necessary to regularly use expensive mascara and Curling twisting. Besides it is necessary to know how to use it all. But this is not possible for all women. But what do the girls if they want to max lasting effect? How they make your eyelash like dolls that will captivate everyone passing by men?

Here to help the women come beauty with this recently introduced procedure, the lamination of the eyelashes. Next, we take a closer look at what is this procedure and what is the effect after it you can get? To carry out this procedure both at home and in the salon. By the way, you can read about on the site


what is the purpose of laminating eyelashes?

  • Volume and strengthening. Many women complain that their own eyelashes are weak and very thin. This may be the result of: the use of substandard carcasses, the lack of vitamins in the body or the individual characteristics of the organism. Here is the same story as with hair: some people from birth have strong and thick hair and 2-s - lacks volume and thin. That is why any woman can go to the beauty salon, where she will make laminating eyelashes. And after the 1st procedure, her eyelashes will become more dense and strong, they have the expressiveness and scope;
  • Luster and saturation of color. If a woman wants to abandon the coloring of eyelashes, then it will need to take care of their splendor and color, that the eye, even without the use of mascara, remained expressive. So sometimes you have to pass the lamination of the eyelashes, for example, before going to sea;
  • Cumulative effect. This means that after the 2nd procedure, the result will be improved compared to the 1st. In order to achieve the best result you have to pass 3 of the procedure, after each of which the lashes will become bigger by 10 percent;
  • Healthy eyelashes for 1-1,5 month. A distinctive feature of lamination of eyelashes is that the procedure apart from the visual effect, also provides treatment. So, in cosmetic products used for this procedure, there are a variety of useful minerals, which perfectly restore and strengthen lashes.

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