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Herbalife (Herbalife): a bit of history

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Older people are more likely to recall advertising texts to read: “Want to lose weight? Ask me how!”. These slogans were printed clothes distributors products for Herbalife. This was the 1st BAD food that appeared in our country. For the majority of people these drugs have become a real novelty, also in the early 90-ies the problem of excess weight was very sharp.

Many women who tried effortlessly to become slim, willing to buy nutrition and SUPPLEMENTS company Herbalife. Some praised miracle pill and advised their relatives and friends, while others were disappointed in them. By the way, to see the range of products you can looked .

Now in the Internet there are both negative and positive reviews about the products of this company, by the way, BAD Herbalife sold to this day and there's a demand.


working Principle, as well as the history of Herbalife

pharmaceutical company Herbalife was founded about 30 years ago in the United States. The company produces not only pills, but also protein bars, substitutes for certain foods, BAD for the overall health and cleansing of the body and natural cosmetics.

the Company Herbalife not the most common pharmaceutical firm. It's a big Ponzi scheme, moreover, the 1st of its kind. By the way, even had the trial, during which the founders of Herbalife wanted to charge fraud. But now, the principle of MLM (network marketing) is known to all, and in this mechanism there is nothing illegal.

Do in a company like Herbalife, to earn big money can only those people who is at the top of the pyramid. But the rank and file distributors can only slightly improve their own financial situation, as well as to improve their health, in that case, of course, if they personally make Herbalife products.

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