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Main tasks and objectives of General physical preparation (GPP)

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OFP is a system of training physical exercises that focus directly on the development of such physical qualities as dexterity, stamina, strength, speed, flexibility, with it, in harmonious combination. Based DIF may be a separate set of exercises or sport, for example: swimming, running, gymnastics, aerobics, bodybuilding, martial arts, and various outdoor games. The main thing here is to avoid narrow specialization, as well as the hypertrophic development of only the 1st physical quality to the detriment and at the expense of others. By the way, in Moscow SK "SALUTE":


General physical preparation: core tasks

  • Health. The 1st and foremost, the OPP needed to promote health. With the development of physical qualities, changes occur directly at the molecular level by modifying the biochemical and physiological processes. As a result of training increases immunity, as well as increasing the resistance of our organism to various adverse factors. In addition, General physical training inhibits the aging process in the body;
  • General physics. General physical preparation is not a sport, though not in the 1st sport of OFP do not. PFD provides comprehensive and harmonious physical development of the person, as well as ready for the special. physical training in a certain sport, labour or military activities.

the Level of DIF is evaluated by such tests or indicators:

  • Endurance (running 3 km);
  • Speed (100m,);
  • strength training (press, pull-UPS).


Even the highest level of DIF is not always sufficient. Sometimes (personal needs, a specific sport, professional work) need a higher level of spec. physical training. 1 people need increased endurance, 2 - power, 3 - flexibility.


Purpose PFD:

  • General increase in the level of physical capacity of the human body;
  • the Development of special and comprehensive physical qualities;
  • the Development of necessary motor skills.

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